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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  October 8, 2012 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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full coverage of this week's vice presidential debate. that is thursday night at 9:00 p.m. that is it for today. have a great week and we'll see you next fox news sunday tonight on huckabee. >> if you will vote for me i will fight hard in the second term. >> and the undecide voters in the first debate. will attack ads on mitt romney do any better? >> you put 90 billion dollars, like 50 years worth of breaks in solyndra and i have a friend who said you don't just pick the winners and losers, you pick the losers. can the cand date keep the president on the ropes in the next debates? front ask and center in the
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midterm election . where is the tea party in this year's race. ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. thank you, thank you very much. what a great audience we have in the studio and welcome to huckabee for the fox news studios in new york city . biggest story in policings . first presidential debate held in denver. the universe view even amongst the staunchest obama supportirs was that mitt romney won the debate. and tingle up his leg hearing obama speak he was in such a melt down he it is tangled run the leg because he wet his pants. some of the excuses for the president not being much better than the empty chair that clint east wood revealed
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. al gore thought it was thaltitude of denver. i think the former vice president may have been a little high. but another ridiculous made on another net work and he with a straight face suggests that obama didn't debate well because he was black. what after geth elected as president of the united states and serving four years bark obama walked out on the stage and said i am black, i can't take on the white guy. whether in sports or music or acting some days you don't have the juice. we squeezed out what we could and i will offer my humble and accurate assessment of the efirst of all mitt romney countering what the obama came pair is saying about his tax proposal. >> i have five boys and i am used to people saying
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something that is not always true ask keep - and keep on repeating it and hope i believe it >> this was brilliant. first of all by envoking the story of his sons, it brought the sense of connection of mitt romney as a father and he raised kid more like us in that regard. countering the criticisms of mitt romney. that showed a connection and his boys had told him . let's say funny business like every body does to their partner, that said yeah, it must be normal in the romney house. but then the subtle was he was saying, you know, it doesn't matter if you are my son house or president. if you keep telling me something over and over, i am not so crazy as to believe it. it was a powerful moment and yet he did it in a way that
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everybody smile would and not even realize what a powerful hit he had . and mitt romney responded to obama's criticism that corporate tax breaks would send jobs over access. >> you get's deduction of taking plans over seas. i have been in business 25 years. i have no idea what you are talking about. maybe i need a new account abt. you get a break for shipping jobs over case is not the case. >> i have been in business 25 years and translation you haven't been. i understand what business is all about. translation you don't. i need a new accountant. translation a new president. i don't know if that was all planned or spontanous. it really connect a great moment for him. here is president obama hitting mitt romney for not giving specificings. - specifics. >> he said he's going to
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replace dodd-frank wall street reform and we know which onings. he won't tell us . he said he will replace obama care and assure all of the good thippings that are in there and you don't have to worry . at some point the american people have to ask themselves is the reason governor romney is keeping all of these plans to replace secret because they are too good? >> i got to say that was a great line by president obama and it was 10 past the hour in the second hour of the debate and i am remembering as i kept a flow sheet and saying this is the first really good moment that i thought that the president had had all night and i marked it and this is the first time he left a mark on mitt romney. it was not a knock down. but it was a moment when he was able to say, something that showed he was actually in denver for the debate.
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because up until that moment, i am not if he was precelebrating his anniversary, i don't know. he had not tuned in to the same debate that 67 million people tuned into . and here is president obama touting what he has done for education. >> we have got programs called race to the top promped reforms in 46 states and raising standarped proving how we train teachers and now i want to hire 100,000 new math and science teacher and create more spots in the community colleges so people can get trained and i want to make sure and keep tuitition low for our young people. >> and i want to make sure everybody's christmas stocking is fill would with everything they wanted. one little problem about what he's saying not been race to the top it is not a bad program and i commend arnie
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duncan for rewarding poem who do well. that is different than it is economy where we punish people for doing well. i wish the president's economic policies are based on that premise and clearly they are not he said we need a 100,000 new teacher classroom is it the responsibility of the federal government to hire teacher a local school board? your schools are your responsibility in your community and state. there is nothing in the federal constitution that said the federal government ought to hire teachers for you. if you think you need more teachers hire them in your local level and let your school board decide who they are and what they teach. it was not just what the cand date said that made the difference body language that spoke volumes. you can see the difference. mitt romney spoke to the president and looked at him.
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unfortunately, the president never looked back and as you can see through most of the debate people who watched it were stun tod see the president seemingly unable and unwilling tine look at his opponent mitt romney. he looked down and around. i think he was looking for the exit. i am pretty sure that is what he was looking at and is there a trap door somewhere down there? he could have used it and anyway quite a moment. romney set the debate high. can he stay on top in the next phase off. joining me is former communication's director from michelle bachmann alec stewart and former new york mayor rudy guiliani and former speech writer for president bush michael gersin. >> thank you . you were back in the spin room. what was different in person
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than what we saw on tv? >> i think, i think it was a knock out punch and actually what i saw on television and what we saw live, i thought it was the same thing. i am shocked could come out with other opinion. it was a knock out. when you remove the teleprompters and a panel of liberal press that can back up the president, he's lost. the emperor has no clothes and that was apparent in the audience and in television. >> that is true . people don't realize what you have said up until now. you are not using the teleprompter and speaking from your heart. >> that's why i mess up a lot. >> that is he didn't have the basic knowledge or facts and unable to defend his record and there was a sense of him wuking in i am the leader of the free world and i don't need to waste my time here. but as a presidential cand date it is a level playing
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field . he and mitt romney face to face debating the issue and he felt too good and looking away and distracted by the thoust his poll numbers dropping back stage. he clearly felt he was too to be there. and the fact he can't defend his record and mitt romney showed he is not only a good leader and executive experience and show the president he has leadership ability . but he's likeable. >> and when he's talking about the commempt the president has no passion and he doesn't understand and believe it. and they saw mitt romney for the first time. a guy who understands the economy and he looked presidential and people saw for the first time not through the lens of the negative attack machine. but he is ready to lead our country. snirks michael you are a speech writer and written for the president how does mitt romney take the moment and make sure he equals it in the next debate.
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expectations are sky high and low for obama. >> when you take the el a we have to take it we know what the attack will look likes. he will say romney is lying to cover a radical agenda romney will have to reply patiently and turn it to a more ark gressive side against obama's record and values and the man who showed nup denver can do thamp president obama will be better in the next debate. he can hardly be worse. i think that is kind much a -- kind of a given. >> like the mets are going to have a better season next year. >> but the manner he fail would and passive dictates that he will have to aggressive and that presents a challenge he is on the
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offensive he seems to be petulant and critize mocks. that doesn't come across well on television. it is possible that he will overshaft and overreact in this case and do something that is destructive. >> you have been back stage with me and michelle bachmann and one of these days, you will be with a winner . >> we'll be with you. >> thank you . but seriously you have been back stage with great moments and with the cand dates have back moments. what is it like when obama walks off the stage and handlers are trying to be polite and nothing nice to say. >> obviously the mere fact they didn't rush him to the spin room and they were back stage figuring out what to say in terps of spinning it and showing romney was lying the problem is, he surrounds himself with yes people and go along with what he said and not people who tells him what
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he need toz hear and thisthis is what you have to say to defend your record and show people you have a better plan for the future. and what they do have, they spent the whole time showing that romney was fact factually incorrect and that is not true. and before the debate they should have said this is what you need to say. arm chair quarterback is it a mistake. they should have had him prepared. >> this thursday joe biden and paul ryan will square off. i will ask the panel what they are looking for. we'll be right back. . i would love to hear fru. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy?
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trade commission-free for 60 days, and we'll throw in up to $600 when you open an account. >> we are back with our panel. alice and michael. talk being the debate this week, i think it will be a lot of fun to watch but i think people undersell joe biden. he connects people. i will get what you think. michael, preview what you expect on the joe biden/paul ryan debate. >> i think biden will be aggressive to make up with the president's performance.
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that is not easy . he is not a subtle man he never uses a hammer when a sledge hammer is available and i don't know how that plays against a guy that is a nice guy that looks like he is a 14 year old boy scout. we'll see. i agree with you on biden. this is it a man who ran for president and knows how to debate and hoe has a rare ability in politicings. he is human in public and a deeply likeable man and i would not underestimate that importance on television . >> he is like the guy you would sit around and watch tv with. what are you thinking we will see thursday in >> i think a contest between the wonk and the whacko. >> could you be more subtle. >> the vice president can't go through a day without putting the foot in mouth and contrast
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is clear. paul ryan is articulate and smart guy that exsudes youth and has a command of the facts and knows the budget and understands the economy and i think he is going to do extremely well and a repeat of the presidential debate. >> alice, do you think that paul ryan can be too wonkish. he can go deep in the weed a deblate is it not where you want to lull people into a deep thoughtful discussion; is that a danger for paul ryan. >> i think the romney team is smart and understand what his strengths are and you know very, very few weaknesses if there are any. he is a book worm and knows the numbers. but so much attention is it paid to biden's gaffe. middle class is buried and we will raise taxings and i agree
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we can't underestimate he is strong and can relate to the people and that will resonate with the audience and he will engage in a good debate. ryan knows he is a book worm and mart and understands he has to be strong and personalable and that's what romney did factual but personable and that's the way ryan will approach it >> i will give each much you 30 seconds and i would give you more if i had it. michael, start wu. if there is one big issue we will see out of the vice presidential debate that could be an important issue pick the issue and cand date and who has the advantage. >> i think we might see foreign policy. and libya is a clear vulner for the president and administration did not protect our people and they try to spin their way out of failure. you can see some of that. romney has a speech on monday on foreign policy and i think
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rhine roin will follow up. >> jake? >> i think it is libya and congressional hearings coming out next week and the governor will speak on monday. there is it a lot of foreign policy and a lot of things that are coming out between now and the debate on libya and the cover yup what is going on >> alice? >> i agree economy is ryan's strength and foreign policy. it is critical he's able to point out the obama administration believed that strength is a vulnerability as opposed to a weakness. he need toz point that out and we can succeed with strength and everything that happened with libya and inability to come to the truth of it was a terror attack. ryan needs to highlight that and that will resonate with the people. >> we'll an analyze it income week.
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nit picking but we analyze it i think paul ryan will have a great night. but i think we underestimate joe bide by. the pressure is on him to clean up the strike out in denver joe bidens had to sal vage the team. i think he will surprise people and be better than republicans are prepared for. we'll see and we'll be honest and tell you what happens next week. >> thank you very much. alice and jake to have you here. >> president's campaign and trying to make up by the debate debacle by fighting back with attack ads. frank will tell us when we
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>> today the president has for his perfomance in the debate most for his failure mention mitt romney's 47 percent comment caught on tape. they said they have addressed that on political ads. will that work with voters. joining us is frank lunwherethank you for joining us. >> thank you. i want to introduce the romney ad. viewers at home. the higher you see the red line more persuasive that is among weak republicans higher green is democrats. if it is above 50 it is good and look at the mitt romney ad first. >> too many americans are struggling to find work in the. too many are work living pay check to pay check and get falling incomes. and more are living in pov are
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they when period period are in office. and we care about poor and middle class families. we'll shouldn't major compassion by how many are on welfare but how many are getting off weal fair and getting a well paying job. >> how did it resonate. >> in the key he brought gemrepublicans and democrats and talking about the importance of yobs you notice that the weak republican line, it goes beyond the screen theco with democrats, jobs. which cand date has a better policy on jobs and every time mitt romney talks about it in the debate or adyou saw the democrat line rose . for mitt romney, the next 30
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days has to be that. and barak obama four year legacy is failure on crating jobs and why governor romney's approach is more aprorbable. >> and the obama people came back with a response. look at it and tell us what you found. >> too many americans are struggling to find work in today's economy. i like to fire people. too many of those working are living pay check to pay check. >> 10,000 bucks in president obama and i both care about poor and middle class. i am not concerned about the poor. >> my policy will make thippings better for them. >> it is not to worry about those emp they should take responsibility. i am mitt romney and i approved this message. >> and frank, tell us what
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that tells us. >> it tells us negative ad does work. they are using romney's actul word said against him they show the contrast. romney's assertion and response and it is measured. there is no announcer and no angering music behind the voices it is it a very effective adthat fren percent, that number is it the reason why romney's numbers fell two or four poigns before the first debate. we tested over 1500 ads in the election cycle that is one of the most affective negative ads so far. >> we have limited time. cut to the virginia senate race. they are intense and could impact the presidential. tim kane and george alen. look at a tim kane. >> i don't agree with any president all of the time. i know when our nation
3:29 am
succeeds our state succeeds. and with the bush i worked. and obama stopping an aircraft carriier from moving out of virginia. i am tim cane. as your senator i will partner with who ever is president of the united states to do what is write for virginia. >> i love more partners and fewer partisans. how did that rate? >> it is one of the most affective senate ads. he's appeal toth center and i recognize those in your audience and at home you want to see more red meat. but you have to capture the people in the center and that does just that. >> look at george alen. very emotional and powerful. >> the hum dee jason was driving in drove over a road side bomb. jason and other marines were
3:30 am
kill would. following jason's death we received outpouring of love and support. one of the letters we received was from george alen. it was a hand writ know note parent to parent. i was able to see the speech. i took jason's dog tags and handed them to him. he still has those dog tags to to this i am george alen. >> that gets to me and i don'tine live in virginia. how did the voters viewed it >> it was so emotional that two women in our session that watched that and it brought them to tears and makes me mouv. the campaign is going to be by that emotional kind of determination . and very, very fascinating and
3:31 am
in the perspective and positivads seem to be workingively in the virginia senaterate and maybe that is it a lesson to a lot of folks. always a pleasure. well, it is it a while since vice president biden put his foot in his mouth but joe is it at it again the votes of the week. [ male announcer ] if it wasn't for a little thing called the computer,
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the latest head lines when you walk them on fox news opinion com. >> if you want to comment go to huck mail at fox >> there were many great lines in the debate. but the debate was not the only source of notable comments. vice president bide boid never disappoints in coming up with great lines and this kicked off the edition of quotes of the week. >> this is it deadly urgeent. how they can justify, how they
3:36 am
can justify raising taxes on the middle class who have been buried for the last four years. you know the phrase they always use. obama and biden want to raise taxes by a trillion. yes, we do in one regard. we want to let that trillion dollar tax cut expire so the middle class doesn't have to bear the burden much all of the money gone to the super wealthy. that is it not tax raise but fairness whether i came >> i don't know where you come i thought it was delaware. where i come from, it is it suck in the gut on taxes, joe. couple of thoughts. there was a movie with war know beauty and it was a movie bull worth. he told the unvarnished truth and spit it out the funniest
3:37 am
movie. you can't imagine someone saying what everybody knows until joe biden comes along. he goes out there and said the middle class were buried for four years yes they have. and people are saying we'll raise a trillion in taxings. yes, we are. thank you we get it thank you for your candor and honestyit is indictative of the fact i like joe boid bide. he said what the rest of us already know even if he doesn't intend to do it >> there was a video of barak obama and complete version of the speech he made in 2007. when some of his controversial comments were not made all that public . this is what he said then . >> when 9/11 happened in new york city, they waived the taford act. they said this is too serious
3:38 am
of a problem, we can't expect new york city to rebuild on its own. forget that dollar. we have 10 dollars and that is the right thing to do. when hurricane andrew struck in florida, people said lock at this devastation, we don't expect you to come up with the own moan here is the money to rebuild. we'll not wait for you to scrap it together because you are part of the american family. >> what is happening down in new orleans? where is your dollar? where is your staford act money? it makes no sense. >> okay, look for me, this is it amazing, this guy is born in hawaii and part of his growing up year necessary indonesia and educate indeed harvard and columbia and then goes to virginia and suddenly
3:39 am
he found his southern voice. talking southern for us. mr. president nice effort if you are going to go to the south and try to put on your best southern accent, you need coaching from machine who knows how to do it so when you say where is your dollar? where is your dollar? here is someone to help you get it. >> dollar maybe me have the money . that's right. a dollar makes me holar honey booboo. that's how it is done. and by the way, think . staford act. the most interesting thing about that whole speech was something i heard little talk about. when the staford act was put together it did require pay in. there was an attempt in the united states senate to relieve all of those areas affected by katrina. it was on the senate floor. it would have relieved and aleviated them from paying
3:40 am
their dollar or he said $dolla and yet 14 senators who voted against that. guess who one of them was? senator bark obama voted against it now he later voted for it. he was against it before he was for it it was a problem with things like that because you have a voting record. and the newest attack adagainst mitt romney. >> i am richard hays. and residents do come out and shake their hand sometimes they give he doesn't realize the service i provide i am 55 and 60 years old. and romney doesn't care about that. >> and of all of the ridiculous political adi ever seen in my life. i think this ranks right up in the top. mitt romney doesn't deserve to be president because he doesn't girlfriend his trash man a hug. more than anything else. that is what i want in a
3:41 am
president. one who hugs the trash man. first of all people who pick up the trash do a good and important job and work hard. a job most of the us wouldn't want to do, but it doesn't mean that it is typical that we go out and hug them. seriously have you gone out and hug would your trash man. okay you can't be president either. i am waying to see the president obama to come out when trash came out. i hold it i haven't hug you. we appreciate the trash man but don't hug him. he may be wearing the neighbor's dirn and i don't think that is something we do. and it is it ridiculous and demeaning ad. surely they can do better. democrats attacking mitt romney and mitt romney is a mormon. why is his faith now fair game in the political mud slinging.
3:42 am
idaho congressman and fellow
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each day hear my dailiory on the huckabee report details at >> democrats in the main stream media have been making mitt romney's faith a issue in the race. the best example from harry reid like governor romney is a mormon. he's coming to a state where there is a lot of members of the lds-church and thigh understand he is not the face was mormonism. does harry think he is? my question is why does the republican nom no have such opposition. joining me is a congressman who is also a mormon. and that's what we do on a saturday. watch our kids play football.
3:46 am
you are in a congressman in the reelection campaign. and i admire you got your priorities straight and out there in the football game with your son. there is more to life than politics and god bless you for that. >> thank you. >> i want to talk about to me ridiculous attacks on mitt romney and his faith for no less than harry reid who is a member of the same church. does this surprise and you how do you as a fellow mormon respond to that? >> it surprises me a lot. harry reid said a lot of things. i glupe las vegas and know his family. his reputation many years in las vegas was that he was a moderate democrat and could work with both sides of the aisle . once he was in leadership he lost reason and shame.
3:47 am
last week they had to draw back one of his statements from his senatorial office because the statement that he put out was false. it false. and everything that he said, hoe has nothing to back it up. and now try to put down mitt romney's faith and i don't understand why he is doing that? >> congressman if he opens the door and wants to get in mitt romney's faith and where he goes to church, does that not open the door and revisit reverend gerry hall wright and all of the aspects of president obama's faith in >> you know, in my opinion i don't think so. i think we've litigated that issue and we know where barak obama was for 20 years in church. he keeps hiding what he was. but the thing mitt romney has policies that are better than america than bark bum bump. obama has a record of four
3:48 am
years of failure and mitt romney has a life time of success. i think it is inappropriate for reid or any other person to bring up mitt romney's faith and i don't think we should play that game on our side. >> congressman you look normal to me. twov my favorite public servants in the world is michael levit and orin hatch one of the most respectable and i think trully statesmen like. both members of the lds church. there is nothing to give concern whether members of the lds can serve with integrit yehonor. if poem are worried about mitt romney to see the people who have served in public office and there is a few of them who
3:49 am
served with great competence. >> i think so, there is it a long list of public serve ans that are from the lds faith and unfortunately we have harry reid that is a drag for us. but other than him, we have a long list of honest and machine full of en-- integrity. >> we appreciate you for joining us from idaho. [applause] >> huge impact on the electric. and i oner if it will have a impact.
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>> a lot of noise in the 20 thereto 10 election . tea party was the difference in handing the house to the republicans. we haven't heard a lot from the tea party. joining me is bill dennis, founder of the dallas teshow. welcome back. glate to have you, bill. [applause] >> it seems like the tea party has been quieter than it was in 20 thereto 10 when all of the town hall meetings erupted with people letting their congress know they didn't like the obama care. >> what we are doing is working we have gone from being enraged in 2009 when the tea party tarted and actively engaged and we have taken political noviss and most of our members in the country
3:54 am
that number 41 million and support the tea party principles work and go to the football games and take care of the kids and we don't spend our time on politics. we haven't had time in the past. that all changed . we turned the political novises in fully engage would and fully functioning political activist in the field. >> it is in any spontanous movement which the tea party was they assimulate in the nusion they seek to change and become part of the change. is that what we are seeing in the tea party. they are get negligent county committees and becoming members was congress and becoming part of the institution. >> we are trying to change the institution. that is our purpose since want beginning put leaders in office and represent fiscal responsibility. and what has happened to our counselry is insane from a
3:55 am
fiscal stand point. we are putting people in office. we don't endorse can dates and cater to either party. ask spector and crisp or bennett or duhurst. has the tepart gone away. no. it was the tea party they lost their races. >> there was concerns that they were not that warm to mitt romney. has that changed? >> we are seeing more and more of the governor and we realize that we have fought hard for the cand dates that we supported in the primary and we all coalesce and come together for the cand date that represents fiscal sanity in the general election . we are seeing more and more people realize mitt romney is light years ahead of obama whatever his faults. >> will we so the tea party
3:56 am
around in four or five ear six years. >> i am not sure the name will be there. but poem that are active and we are seeing more and more people coming. they are losing their jobs and people who have not paid attention to politics . i was with guys and era and batting average of every texas ranger. >> that is it important. >> it is it, i am sorry can you name your congressman and they couldn't. a guy said i done care about politicings. politicings cares about you . we are about to get hid - on hit with a biggest tax increase. we are trying to get people to turn off the dancing with the stars and pay attention . >> you mean no more honey booboo. great to have you here. >> i can't believe somebody might think who is the next president is more important than the next episode have had
3:57 am
honey booboo. i am glad you watched the show and hope you will be back next week for the next edition of the mike huckabee show. until then goodbye and god bless. ♪
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